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At Turning Corners Psychological Services we endeavor to foster a culture of courtesy, respect and collaboration, where clients can feel safe. We strive to understand, respect and respond to clients within the context of their families, communities, cultures and individual differences. We provide quality care, adapt our approaches to fit with our clients, maintain confidentiality and believe that professionalism can and should include warmth, sensitivity and connection.



Asserting Oneself, Building Resilience, Discovering Strengths, Finding Your Smile, Solving Problems, Making Friends, Being a Kid



Fitting In, Keeping Friends, Letting Parents In, Healthy Choices, Self Respect, Self Acceptance, Intimacy

Presenting ConcernsParenting


Self-Control, Setting Limits, Who’s in Charge, Teachable Moments, Growing Together, Set Up for Success Teamwork

Assessment ServicesFamily


Finding a Way In, Learning to Listen, Being Heard, Defining Roles, Learning to Respect, Taking Responsibility, Managing Conflict

Treatment ServicesAdults


Gratitude, Reconnecting, Finding Happiness, Managing Emotions, Accepting Yourself, Facing Life and Loss, Avoiding Regret